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What is Masonry Painting?

What is Masonry Painting?

What is Masonry Painting?

If there’s a kind of paint that can certainly help, shield, and preserve particular exterior surfaces its absolutely the masonry paint. It is highly recommended for stone, cinder blocks, bricks, and concrete. This particular paint is designs with a resilient coating on base walls.

Masonry paint is thicker than ordinary paint so that it can fill in the porous gaps and seal the surface from the elements. Masonry painting is ideally suited on bare, clean surfaces. It is possible to cover a current coat of paint on foundation walls with fresh masonry paint provided you prepare the area accordingly.

The process:

1. Prepare the surface, clean it thoroughly. Make use of a power washer to eliminate dirt, loose paints, and grease. Acid cleaner is ideal for cleaning. Cleaning the surface is highly recommended before any masonry painting to ensure that paints will stick and will last longer.

2. Rinse thoroughly to get rid of the acid you use during the initial cleaning process. Wash with water and let it dry for a certain period of time.

3. Apply the primer, you can double the primer coating when necessary. Use brush for this process and even stroke is required to get the desired effect. Let it dry.

4. Masonry paints can be applied after the primer coating. Like the primer, you can use the brush and also an even stroke necessary. Double coating is ideal for masonry painting to get the best appearance and texture.