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Spring Updates: Exterior Painting Calgary

Spring Updates: Exterior Painting Calgary

Spring Updates: Exterior Painting Calgary

This is the perfect season for us to start home renovations and improvements. Spring time is here and exterior painting is one of the most important things in our to-do list of home improvements. In Calgary area, homeowners are busy with their own exterior painting projects.

Why spring season is the best time for Exterior Painting?

1. The lifespan of paint is extended because of the mild weather during spring season.

2. Summer is a busy season for parties, get-together, graduations, and barbecue sessions so it is really ideal to do the painting projects during spring time before the busy months arrive.

3. You need to do the painting before planting to avoid plants getting trampled when you decide to do the latter first in your to-do list.

What are the suggested home exteriors that need retouch or repainting?

– Deck
– Exterior Doors and Casings
– Soffit and Fascia
– Wood Fences
– Patio Furniture
– Cement Drive and Walkways
– Wrought Iron Fences

Should you need any assistance for your exterior painting projects please contact us and we will give you an estimate. Also, if you’re planning to DIY we can give you tips and advise at no cost. We are one of the best in exterior painting Calgary and we can provide the excellent service that we promised to our clients.