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Importance of Staining Wood to Avoid Shrinkage

Importance of Staining Wood to Avoid Shrinkage

Importance of Staining Wood to Avoid Shrinkage

Wood is an economical, long-lasting and a renewable building material for the North American housing particularly here in Canada. But due to its semi-porous nature, it should be dealt carefully. One of the problems that we have encountered is wood shrinkage.

What is Wood Shrinkage?

Shrinkage occurs when the moisture content of the wood decreases so generally there’s a deformation to the size and shape of the wood. Freshly sawn lumber has high moisture content so this is the reason why lumber is totally dried before homebuilders can use it.

How to avoid Wood Shrinkage?

The big challenge for using wood as part of your home exterior will took place when there’s no proper step or action done in order to avoid the shrinking of the wood. We know for the fact that it will be exposed to all elements of moisture and humidity after the installation. As prevention for wood shrinkage; we listed some of the things to consider before and after the installation:

1. Make sure that the wood is fully dried out before using it.

2. As much as possible choose wood that was treated or modified. Lumber companies sell pressure- treated wood not just to prevent cracks and decay but to avoid shrinkage as well.

3. It is important that you stain the wood after the installation. Though the wood is treated to withstand the humidity it is not enough. Staining wood will give the additional protection and prevent the moisture from snow, rain, and other wet elements from entering the wood surface.

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