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The Importance of Power Washing

The Importance of Power Washing

The Importance of Power Washing

The first step that you need to consider in planning a home exterior painting is definitely the power washing or pressure washing of the area. Clean surface is necessary before applying paints, this is to ensure that paints will last.

It will be a total failure when paints were applied in a dirty surface. In order to have a clean siding and trim ready for paint, cleaning by means of power washing is advised.

A thorough Power Washing is essential to maintain and remove the following:

1. Old and layered peeling paint coatings
2. Molds and mildews
3. Uneven and rough surface due to weather conditions
4. Preventive measure to avoid progression of damage from conditions that affect surfaces
5. Removal of chemicals, oils, and other elements that adhere to surfaces

We, at Ardivan Enterprises ensure the safety of our employees and the people around our working area:

1. All vehicles and equipments need to be removed from area to be cleaned.
2. Personal Equipment safety measures must be worn and taken by worker and securing the area from passer bys/pedestrians. Pressure washing can blast the skin off the bone and injury can be extreme to the upper body and head.
3. Safety signs must be posted to avoid slippage and falls until area is dry.

Feel free to contact us if you’re in need of a reputable and experienced power washing company in the Calgary and Southern Alberta area.