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Exterior Painting: Our Process

Exterior Painting: Our Process

Exterior Painting: Our Process

Ardivan Enterprise is expert in exterior painting in Calgary for residential and commercial establishments. We have a Project Manager that is available to visit your place, take a look at the scope of your project, and present a supplementary estimate at zero-cost. Painting services are handled by our competent and efficient exterior painters.

How we handle the Project?

1. Getting ready

The first step to achieve an excellent exterior painting result is the preparation of the surface. All the old and woobly paints should be removed and the surface needs to be even without any flaws. Wash it thoroughly when necessary to eliminate dirts and other unwanted elements. As we carry-out these tasks,precautionary measures are being implement like signage for people’s awareness of the on-going project.

2. The job

Our assigned painters will start the painting process after the clean-up, sanding, hole and crack filling, caulking, and priming. There’s a minimum of 2 coatings for the exterior.

3. Environment-friendly workers

It is also our responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the area. We have have policy for the proper waste disposal and our team is committed to that.

4. Getting feedback

Our project manager will meet with the homeowner after the completion of the project. Feedback from clients are highly welcome, this is to better assess our service and improve or change when necessary.

We have the best exterior painters serving Calgary and Southern Alberta, Contact Us!