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Colors Suggested for Doors Facing East

Colors Suggested for Doors Facing East

Colors Suggested for Doors Facing East

East facing door: (3 area of bagua)
Feng Shui door color: green, blue, turquoise Material: wooden

The compass school of feng shui dictates that each of the eight compass directions has an associated element that you should incorporate using color. If your door faces due east, its element is wood. Choose colors that represent wood or water, the element that gives rise to wood. Green for wood or blue for water would work well as colors for an east-facing door, says the website Easy Feng Shui. Turquoise–a mixture of green and blue–would be ideal.

Let’s look at an example of a fireplace in the East feng shui area of a home.

From studying the Bagua – the feng shui energy map of a home or office – you know that the East area is governed by the Wood feng shui element. The fireplace, being a Fire element item, is too strong for the Wood because Fire burns the Wood, which makes the fireplace an undesirable design feature in the East.

Does this mean that the house has bad feng shui because it has a fireplace in the East?

No, it doesn’t. What it does mean, though, is that there is a potential for burnout and stress for people living in this house. East feng shui area is the area connected to health & family relationships, and the governing feng shui element of East is Wood.

It is important to have a strong and vibrant Wood element in order to bring the desired quality of energy to a home. When the Wood element is weakened, or destroyed by a strong Fire in the East, the quality of energy needed to maintain good health for people living in this home is weak.

As a fireplace is not easily removed or repositioned, what type of feng shui cures can you apply? This is where the knowledge about the two main cycles of the five feng shui elements is very helpful, as you need to know how to weaken the Fire element and bring the desired strength to the governing Wood element.

If your front door faces either east or southeast, you are very fortunate! The sun’s rising energy is very luminous and auspicious. It is the most yang, male, dynamic energy that embraces your home on a daily basis.
Both directions embrace wood energy which is uprising like a tree. It is the chi of springtime, where all life is rebirthed and renewed.

This home will have associations with happy new beginnings, perhaps the start of a new family or focus in your life. It is very fortunate for family and abundance.
East is associated with extended family and health. A very positive direction for a young couple or family.
Southeast is associated with finances and prosperity. Very good for people looking to enhance their wealth.
To get the full blessings of these directions be sure that your front entry area has lots of healthy plantings and a water feature would be beneficial.